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Looking for a Gift Idea for that Boater on your list...

Purchase a Stand Up Paddleboard for the hard to buy for boater on your Christmas Shopping List

It's been a few years since we got our Holiday Gift Guide out. And this year, we've put together a great list! Hopefully something for everyone. Whether you're in search of something for the person in your family that seems to already have everything and all you really know is that they're Way into Boating, or if you are the boater in the family and you're searching for something that will keep the family wanting to go back to the lake even more next season....

Here is an Accessory/Water Toy that can be used and enjoyed by the entire family...
A Water Mat....

OBrien Water Mat

The adults love them for floating and relaxing... The kids love them for running, jumping, wrestling, throwing/catching toys, etc.... And even Fido can use it!! Whether Fido is a water dog that will swim and jump off of it... Or if Fido doesn't like being IN the water, then you've at least got a large surface to cool Fido off on those hot summer days and he/she won't have to swim.
Now, we've learned that not all water mats are created equal. Through much trial and error and research we've come to the conclusion that IF you're ready for a water mat, don't waste your money starting with a cheaper model. Purchase a 4-Layer Foam Roll Up Style Mat, such as the O'Brien 4-Layer Water Mat (Shown Above). The 3-Layers won't float you as much as you'd like and tend to submerge easily when the kids (and grown ups) are swimming on/off. The folding/stack mats seem very appealing for the ease of storage. However, I've learned that they are the same level float as a 3-Layer and just don't compare to the 4-Layer durability. So if you're ready to add this accessory to your water toy collection, my advice, get the 4-Layer and sacrifice the storage and note that teamwork is required to roll them up at the end of the day... In my opinion, they are worth the money as every member of your boating family can use and enjoy it.
These retail for $599.99 but many stores have these on sale right now and should continue to be on sale through some of the final shopping days of the season. Below is a link to where it can be purchased through Overton's:

O'Brien Water Mat - 4-Layer - $599.99 (Retail)



LakeArt 3D Lake Maps made to hang and display's Holiday Gift Guide

If you're a little less of a thrill seeker, our friends at Thomas Docks have a great selection of Wall-Mounted Framed Art Pieces and other gifts (Including Coasters, Serving Trays, & More) all featuring your favorite local area lakes including: Lake Cumberland, Norris Lake, Dale Hollow Lake, Center Hill Lake, Kentucky Lake, Old Hickory Lake, Percy Priest Lake & More! Many of these local lakes are in-stock and ready to ship. Email Sherry or for more information click here.
Thomas Docks' Lake Art items range from $20.00 for a Set of 4 Coasters,
$89.00 for a 14.5" Clock, up to $295.00 for a 16 x 20" 3D Lake Map



SeatSaver for the Boat Owner on your Christmas Shopping List

Next up from is an accessory that I guarantee most boat owners don't even know they need yet! This is made by a family business in Michigan. It is designed to be used as a step instead of stepping on your expensive upholstery. These retail for $34.95 plus shipping and are sold in a few different colors. The photo above says it all.
If you or the person on your shopping list owns a ski/wake boat, bowrider, or runabout (basically any boat that requires stepping down into) or unless your boat's interior is already ripped up this is practically a MUST HAVE...
(If you're not the boater in the family but you're trying to buy for someone who is - Keep in mind that Pontoon Boaters, Fishing Boats, and Cruiser Owners probably don't need this.)
Click here for more info or to order


U-Float Upside Down USCG Life Jacket

A gift for the type of boater that heads to a cove and spends the day floating in the water, on rafts, etc - U-Float is an USCG Approved Life Jacket that is designed to be worn upside down... Stay with me on this one... If you or the boater on your Shopping Lists spends anytime at all in a cove and in the water during the summer months. At one time or another they have worn their life jacket like a diaper... They've probably gotten a few laughs but everyone has done it. And sometimes it ruins your life jacket. (Speaking from experience here...) Well, this is a life jacket that was designed to be worn upside down. This also eliminates tan lines and chaffing. These retail for $129.95 for the USCG Approved version and $99.95 for the non-USCG Approved model. However I recommend the USCG Approved model, this way it counts as a Life Vest anytime you get stopped for a vessel safety check and it's passed the rigorous USCG Approval process. This is also great for the recreational Kayak Rider...
Click here for more info or to purchase!



OBrien Water Saddle OBrien Water Saddle

Now, if the U-Float is above your spending limit but want something similar, the O'Brien Water Saddles may be perfect for the Boater on your list. These come in a regular size (retail $25) and an XL for $5 more (retail $30). I like the XL as it provides a lot more float. These are sold in a variety of colors. Note - these are NOT USCG Approved and do not count as a floatation device.
Click Here to purchase!



LifeTime Youth Wave Kayak

Lifetime Products makes a Youth Kayak - designed for Ages 5+ (with adult supervision of course) - this is 6' in length and has a 130lb weight limit, includes a paddle and can be purchased in a number of outlets (Amazon, Dicks Sporting Goods, & More) and retails for around $100... The model is called a "Wave" and is sold in several colors - Orange (shown above), Green, Pink, Yellow, and Blue.
My family has had these for our kids for about 2 years now and I have been amazed at how quickly even our youngest took to them! We didn't even bother giving our youngest a paddle at first because we didn't think he'd be able to do it, so the first 2 times out either Dad or Big Brother towed him around. About the 3rd time out he asked for a paddle and it only took about 4 strokes and he had it figured out! Plus because he was smaller and lighter (I believe about 3 at the time) that he could practically keep up with Big Brother and Big Sister! This has given them a lot of "Freedom" when we're back in a cove and they'll go off on an "Adventure" to shore. Sometimes they'll even fish off of them. Plus due to the large size, it will make for a nice surprise if Santa can fit it into his sleigh and under or next to your tree....
Link to purchase through Amazon here!



MoorShade Boat Accessory Moor Shade Over the Water Bimini Top for More Shade

If you or the boater on your shopping list boats in the extreme heat (think Arizona, Nevada, Texas or Louisiana, Florida, etc) then this could be a MUST HAVE accessory for your boat.... This was developed and produced by a fellow boater and is designed to be attached (to nearly any boat) for extra shade over the water when anchored. If you think about it, almost every boat has a bimini top that protects you from the sun when you're in your boat. But when you're at the lake, you're not always in your boat. In fact, you're probably most often NOT in your boat (you're in the water)! And those times that you get sun burnt, it was usually when you were in the water more often than in the boat and the sunscreen just doesn't last as well when you're in the water all day....
Moor-Shade provides a shaded area next to your boat to give you and your crew some additional sun protection while enjoying the water. These come in a variety of colors, are manufactured in the USA, and even come with a storage bag for all of the components. Retail is $399, but they're currently running a sale through Dec 2 for 20% off - so only $319!
Click here for more info or to purchase!


West Marine Coastal Binoculars

West Marine Coastal 200 7 x 50 Waterproof Binoculars... If your boater is relatively new to boating, they probably don't have these yet. I was fortunate enough to receive a pair as a gift for Father's Day a couple of years ago. I stashed them on the boat near the helm. The next overnight as we were waking up for the morning I caught a glimpse of something landing in a nearby tree on the shore, quickly grabbed my new binoculars and searched the trees for that something to discover it was a Bald Eagle! How Cool! Needless to say the binoculars were passed around to everyone onboard. So if your boater already has a pair, they probably won't want to return them as a second pair can also come in handy.... These retail for around $199.99 at West Marine.
Click Here for more details!


Sailor Bag Duffel BagSailor Bag ToteSailorBags Cruiser Travel Set

Our friends at SailorBags have created not only nautical inspired bags but they're nautically manufactured (they're made from sail-cloth with marine grade zippers, hardware, and stitching). I've owned one of the small duffel bags for over 2 years now and use it going to/from the lake and I'm amazed at the quality of materials. They claim some of their products are "nearly indestructible" and I believe it. Some models even sport a lifetime guarantee. And many can be personalized with embroidery. Sailor Bags has a variety of options - totes, insulated coolers, duffel bags, backpacks, even briefcases, toiletry bags, and lunch bags - these go from around $49 up to around $179 depending on size and purpose.
Click here to shop at!


Stocking Stuffers...

Unique Nautical Themed Jewelry and Accessories for Men Women or Kids Lemon and Line Bracelets for the Nautical Life

Our friends at BoatUS originally shared this nautical gift idea with us a few years ago and even though I personally don't like wearing anything around my wrist, the kids and wife love them! Lemon&Line has created these unique Nautical-Theme Bracelets and accessories! They fit many styles and tastes and I've given them out as gifts to just about everyone in our family (wife, kids, mother, even nieces and nephews)! And at a great value ($25 - $35)... Visit for more info!



Sperry Top Sider Socks Sperry SocksSperry Top Sider No Show Socks for the Boater on your Christmas Shopping List or for Fathers Day

I believe, right now is the moment when as I compile this list, I realize that it also could be used as a Father's Day Gift Guide.... Want to get Dad something besides a tie but don't know what.... Well, if your Father owns a pair of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes (and if he's a boater, chances are that he does - but if he doesn't then buy him a pair of Sperry Top Sider Boat Shoes first!) For your Holiday Shopping this is a great stocking stuffer also... I've learned that wearing your boat shoes without socks has its limits. But Sperry's No Show Socks are a perfect companion to any Sperry Shoe! Men's or Women's... These start around $16.00 for a 3-pack. This link will take you to the Men's Sock Page!



If you or the boat owner on your list are not a member already, consider gifting a BoatUS Membership for the Holidays (or the next gifting occasion - Father's Day, Mother's Day, Birthday, etc).
This truly is a gift that keeps on giving. BoatUS is most quickly summarized as the AAA of Boaters. They have on-water towing services, battery jump starts, fuel delivery, trailer assistance and more. They also sell marine insurance and provide boat loans. But one of the most important benefits is that they advocate for all boaters. This includes education of members and also working with lawmakers to draft legislation that protects our resources and provides access to our waterways. BoatUS provides many travel and accessory discounts to members and also funds great programs like their Life Jacket Loaner program. Membership starts at just $24!
BoatUS Magazine December 2019And one of my favorite secondary benefits of BoatUS Membership is their magazine (6 issues each year). Which is why BoatUS Membership can even be a gift to someone who's still dreaming of owning a boat of their own. Of all of the boating related magazines I receive (and I receive many) the BoatUS Magazine is hands down the best - and for many reasons - they have intriguing stories and editorials, how to's, and many times just plain awesome photography, and more! I actually read BoatUS Magazines from cover to cover (for someone that knows me, that's a big endorsement - I'm currently working on the December issue) and can also add that I frequently learn something new with each issue...

Click Here to learn more about becoming a BoatUS Member

Click Here to purchase a BoatUS Membership (the magazine comes free with membership)!

Note - YourNewBoat is an Affiliate of BoatUS and receives compensation if you use the above link to purchase a Membership, though the price you pay will not be any more than purchasing directly through BoatUS.


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Of course, you can always pick any boat that's for sale at, it won't fit under the tree, but it will certainly be a gift that everyone will enjoy for years to come!

If you've got a good gift idea for next year's list, please let us know by clicking here


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