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Norris Lake Info

Recently a customer who was having a new houseboat built
asked me how to maximize their resale value.

While it is very smart to be thinking resale, it's hard to imagine what every buyer will think of the boat.  I've had people that wanted windows on one side of the boat versus the other, b/c of a more favorable view on one side over the other at their current slip. So don't go overboard on making your boat perfect for resale, make sure it is what you want as well.

Some very important high dollar options that are very helpful in boosting your resale value are: insulation, inverter, thrusters, and a side hall design w/ private master has been popular recently.

Other small items to think about that help:

  • The number of ice makers (there is usually one in the fridge but it's nice to have an additional either downstairs or with the roof top bar upstairs)

  • Front & rear electric hook ups (makes it more flexible for someone docking their boat - bow in or out - this way they get their view regardless of what side has more windows)

  • Boat Safe Engine Compartment Heater in the engine compartment is a very nice plus.

  • If you have removable gates for the pwcs on the back, I've had a boat that had holes in the floor (off to the side on the rear deck) that the gates would slide into for storage while the pwc ramps were in use.

  • Adding a head on the back deck for swimmers is a nice upgrade and keeps company out of your master bath.

    Another feature that I've seen that didn't cost much to do at the factory and was really neat was a Winterization Feature. It is about a 5 gallon container that was plumbed into the water system so that you could fill it with RV Antifreeze, flip a switch, and run it through the system to winterize your plumbing very quickly and easily.  It's also nice to have the remote oil filters in the engine compartment for easy maintenance.

    A great wow factor: a fireplace in the salon. This takes your boat to another level.

    The most common question that I had this summer due to the high fuel prices and maybe something to think about was "Why don't you see solar panels on the roof of the party tops?" You won't see them and power is already a commodity when you're on the lake, so why not make your own with a renewable source?

    Remember it is your boat, so make sure it is what you want. These are just some features that are either commonly requested by used boat buyers or options that I have noticed on other boats that are fun to point out to wow a potential buyer.

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