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Despite the rain, Houseboaters came out and enjoyed the First Ever On-Water Houseboat Expo!

In case you missed it...
The 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo was a huge success!
And as always was right in the middle of the excitement showcasing its inventory!

The crew at Houseboat Magazine did a great job with the much anticipated On Water Expo!
Worldwide visitors came from Ukraine and Canada as well as many states including
TX, OK, TN, KY, NY, OR, OH, NC, ME, CA, AZ, MN, FL, PA and more!

On Water Houseboat Expo Review

Below is a look at the 'Boatels' at State Dock where some of the attendees of the Expo stayed

On Water Houseboat Expo

Some attendees took advantage of the expertise that was on hand and participated in a
Captain's Course and learned how to dock a Houseboat!

On Water Houseboat Expo Captains Course

Rain may have dampened the Cornhole Tournament but it did not keep crowds away for long.

Cornhole at the On Water Houseboat Expo

Crowds were out before, during & after the rain.

The Crowd at the On Water Houseboat Expo

This year's Expo provided many beautiful boats and several Show Stoppers!
Below is Sumerset Houseboat's latest creation that turned more than a few heads.

Highlights of the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo

Thoroughbred Houseboats had a creation of their own that also turned some heads (below).

Thoroughbred at the On Water Expo

An interesting helm onboard the popular Thoroughbred.

On Water Houseboat Expo Highlights

Houseboats have taken on a whole new look.
The rear deck of one of the Yacht Inspired Houseboats (below)

On Water Houseboat Expo 2009

Many new trends were noticed at the show.
Below is a well designed layout from Sharpe Houseboats that makes efficient use of the kitchen & dining room.

An impressive kitchen at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo by Sharpe Houseboats

Below is the stunning kitchen on a Thoroughbred that an NBA Player would have been comfortable in.
Even the cuddies had over 7 feet of head room!

Another great kitchen at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo

A new room was discovered onboard several of the Expo Boats...
the Laundry Room has entered the world of Houseboats!

New room on houseboats at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo on Lake Cumberland

And a dishwasher has found its way upstairs on the roof of a Houseboat!
Why didn't we think of this before? The Rooftop Wet Bar has now become a full kitchen!

A second kitchen onboard an On Water Houseboat Expo Boat

And of course, was right in the middle of all of the action showcasing its inventory of Houseboats for sale, assisting soon to be buyers, answering questions about all things Houseboating,
saying hello to old friends and making some new ones! at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo

At we strive to have the most user friendly website for your boat browsing and buying, so it only makes sense that we would strive to have a user friendly display of inventory for sale at the Expo.'s display at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo

As always, it was a pleasure talking to everyone at the Houseboat Expo.'s family continues to grow as we introduced another new family member at the Expo!
Brian Keller (far left) has joined the YourNewBoat Team in Middle Tennessee and is actively covering TimsFord Lake, Centerhill Lake, Percy Priest Lake, Old Hickory Lake, the Cumberland River and the Tennessee River! Brian comes to us from General Motors and has a background in Engineering as well as Real Estate and, of course, a passion for boating.'s Growing Family at the 2009 On Water Houseboat Expo

Until next time...

On Water Houseboat Expo 2009


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