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The 12/12/12 Episode of Shipping Wars on A&E, titled "BullShip" features YourNewBoat

By now you may have seen or heard about appearing on A&E's popular Shipping Wars latest episode in which YourNewBoat sold a 1987 Carolina Kentucky Houseboat for Bubba! It was sold to a buyer in WI, who attempted to have the boat delivered to her via However, the shipper did not have the necessary equipment to move a houseboat.

Below is Bubba, the seller of the Carolina Kentucky Houseboat, talking with Chris & Robbie of ShippingWars (if you saw the episode, then you know he's probably explaining to Chris that when you have a 37' Aluminum Hull Houseboat there's no need for a drain plug because you wouldn't want to put it on a trailer and haul out to simply drain the bilge when you can have a simple bilge pump do that for you! Not to mention a deck design that prevents against rain water from entering the boat in the first place!)

Needless to say, Chris and Robbie were unable to complete the move and the Buyer hired an experienced Houseboat Transporter (like the one pictured below) to complete the task.

Once the move was finally completed, the experienced Houseboat Transporter commented that the vessel may have weighed as little as 10,000lbs, and that they could barely feel it on their trailer while they made the haul from Kentucky to Wisconsin.

Below is another picture of the 1987 Carolina Kentucky Houseboat and the Shipping Wars crew trying to figure out how to get the vessel onto their flat bed trailer .

In case you missed it, click here for a link to the episode at A&E


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