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Spring is coming!

De-Winterization Time is Here!

As temperatures are warming up throughout the Southeast and beyond, activity around the marinas is staring to pick up and boaters are beginning to de-winterize their boats to prepare for the boating season.

Here are two quick boating tips or reminders for our fellow boaters:

Keep a close eye on your temperature gauges as you run your engine(s) for the first time of the season. It is not uncommon for the water pump impeller to dry out during the off season (even if it has been replaced recently). An improperly working impeller can cause your engine to overheat quickly.

Do NOT use a pressure washer on your houseboat's roof. This can shorten the life of your gel-coat finish and cause increased risks for moisture intrusion. Instead use a soft bristled brush with your dockside water (without a pressure washer). You will most likely break a sweat doing it the Old Fashioned Way, but you'll get a much longer life out of your gel-coat and you'll be doing your wallet a favor.

If you have any good Boating Tips please share them with us!




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