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Water, Water, Everywhere!

At this summer’s On Water Houseboat Expo, we saw a great new product that will benefit two types of Houseboaters. 

The full time live-aboard and the long term cruiser share one common problem: running out of water.  The full time live-aboard can run low on water when freezing temperatures force the dock to shut off their utilities, and running out of water often forces the long term cruiser to leave their cove and head to the marina.
Eagle Marine has solved these problems with their Water Maker System.  Now your boat can be more self sufficient & you’ll never have to worry about running out of water.  The Water Maker System gives you the ability to have an unlimited supply of safe, drinkable water for your Houseboat. With the Water Maker System, you can make your own water for very little operating costs.  Imagine: you could use your washing machine while you’re away from the dock or, if you’re a live-aboard, you could take a long shower in the middle of winter!  After all, you’re floating on top of a nearly unlimited fresh water supply, so why not use it!

Visit www.WaterMakerMan.com or contact Eagle Marine at 614-296-5861 or WaterMakerMan@EagleMarineInc.com


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