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Norris Lake Boat Shopping Information

If you're coming to the area to view boats for sale we'd like to offer a few tips to help you get the most out of your visit.
YourNewBoat's inventory on Norris is literally spread across the entire lake. This can sometimes make it difficult to view a lot of boats in a short period of time. However, we are very familiar with the lake and the area, as well as each of our 24 beautiful marinas, so with a little planning we can ensure that you'll have an enjoyable visit to our area and may even decide to stay for a while!

Plan ahead & let us know when you're coming to our area. That way we can ensure that you get to see the boat or boats you want to see.
Other area lakes that have a few large marinas, each with hundreds (or even a thousand) houseboats in one marina, make it appealing to "walk the docks" as one of the early steps in the houseboat buying process. Norris, however, offers 24 Marinas spread across 800 miles of shoreline each with a few hundred boats and sometimes only a few houseboats. Also, many boats are moored on ‘buoy lines’ instead of a catwalk meaning they are not accessible without another boat.  Transportation to boats on buoy lines can be arranged but requires advance notice. 

It is important make sure that you will have a slip available if you plan to keep your boat on Norris Lake. 
Due to the growing popularity of Houseboating on Norris Lake, houseboat slips are in high demand, and the supply is growing slowly. Because of this demand, you will notice some listings state "Norris Lake Slip Available," indicating that the seller is willing to allow his slip lease to transfer to the new owner should that purchaser want to keep the boat on Norris.

If you are traveling to our area and plan on staying overnight, don't hesitate to contact us for suggestions on where to stay. We often have local hotels that will offer discounts to our clients and we're happy to share those savings with you.

To learn more about Norris Lake and our 24 Marinas
that offer 17 On Water Restaurants and 3 Full Service Bars visit NorrisLakeMarinas.com

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