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Never have another trip to the Houseboat ruined by an unexpected surprise with BoatPulse's Monthly Monitoring Service!

If you've ever had to put your vacation on hold because the refrigerator decided to quit working the week before your family debarked; or the bilge pump quit working, or the batteries quit taking a charge, or the A/C...


BoatPulse is a monthly report on the current condition of more than fifty (50) vital checkpoints on a typical houseboat. These are things that need to be monitored on a monthly basis and recorded in a ships log. Proper monitoring can improve your resale value and help foresee maintenance issues before there is a problem.

In addition to resale value and peace of mind BoatPulse also provides the following:

  • Fewer "surprise" calls to the mechanic
  • Acts like a "medical chart" for your boat, great for mechanics reference
  • Find problems before they occur
  • Less down time for you and your loved ones means more time for family fun
  • Detailed maintenance records increase re-sale value
  • Never having to make a trip to "check on the boat" means saving money not only in gas, but groceries and food for the weekend
  • Having someone to report suspicious activities
  • Ship log of records for the boat
  • Records will also be e-mailed to you including any recommendations

Here is a list of just some of the things that will be checked with the service:

Battery Voltages

Inverter Status

Fuel Tank Levels

Engine Hours

Generator Hours

Meter Reading

Hull Temp.

Cabin Temp

Battery Water Level

Water in Bilge?

Engine Oil Level / Oil life Remaining

Impeller life remaining

Refrigerator Temp.

Freezer Temp.

Thermostat Setting

Fire Extinguishers

Smoke Detector log.

Fresh water quality

Lake Temp.

Air Temp.

Thruster Oil Level

Light bulb status

Gel-coat life remaining

General Maintenance recommendations.

Price List

1 Visit Per Month $90/month
$500/6 months

2 Visits Per Month $150/month
$850/6 months

Call today to set up this revolutionary service or click here.
Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express, & Paypal Accepted!

Currently available at

Centerhill Lake, TN
Lake Cumberland, KY
Lake Loudon, TN
Laurel Lake, KY
Melton Hill Lake, TN
Norris Lake, TN
Tellico Lake, TN
Watts Bar Lake, TN
Travis 865-293-8258 or toll free 866-238-6463

For questions or more information email BoatPulse@yournewboat.com

1 year contract holders refer a friend for a one year contract and receive a $100 credit to your account.

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